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R. Cooke, “Fab little gallery.” K&J Rogers, “Delightful selection of artwork. Very Inspiring.” P&K, “An absolute treasure of a gallery.” G. Smith, “What a wonderful hidden gem.” H. James, “What a special little space! Bright and full of wonderful local work.”

We rose to the dizzy heights of Number 2 Gallery in Norfolk on Tripadvisor, in Spring 2023, thanks to our wonderful visitors!

Current works can be viewed on Instagram ‘thegaragestudionorfolk‘, on Fb under Hanneke Robson, and of course, our gallery. .

Jeremy Bevan artwork

Jeremy Bevan


Jeremy Bevan – Jeremy, works from the `Bothy Studio’ in his garden in Wiveton, North Norfolk. With his background as a gardener, he is deeply influenced by the landscape around him.
He begins with drawings based on natural forms, plants, and landscape. From these starting points, he extrapolates, explores, and abstracts to create artworks in various media, including acrylic, oil paint and oil and chalk pastels, graphite, pencil and collage. Jeremy also makes linocut, screen print and digital art.
He has shown in London and Holt and has been shortlisted for the prestigious Sir John Hurt and Anwen Art Prize.

Coal Tits - Bella Bigsby (edition prints)
Running Hare - Bella Bigsby (edition prints)

Bella Bigsby


Bella Bigsby is a Norwich based artist working in oils.. She describes her work as an “emotive response to nature”.  Her hauntingly atmospheric paintings of birds, animals and landscapes invite the viewer to dwell on the magic and poetry of the natural world.

Bella returned to her native Norfolk a few years ago after establishing herself as a working artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Since her return, she has seen her U.K practise grow whilst continuing to exhibit in the U.S. She currently shows her originals and prints at many locations in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Prints only.

Deanee Clark - Grey partridge

Deanee Clark


Deanee is a self-taught artist: who delights in the natural world. Her beautiful watercolours reflect her passion for our wildlife and for our fabulous coastal landscapes. She has exhibited successfully throughout Norfolk and her work is in high demand.

Silent Watch - Watercolour by Alison D'Oyley

Alison D'oyley - IEA (prov)


Alison works mainly with pen and watercolour, handmade silkscreen, occasionally stitch. Her inspiration comes mostly from nature. She looks at life in detail and is fascinated by shadows and reflections, along with the ephemeral, and how they change our perception of what we see. She enjoys the process of making by hand, through the various sometimes complex stages, to her final work.

Eddie Goodridge - A walk along the river

Eddie Goodridge IEA


Eddie Goodridge was born in the East End of London and is a successful self-taught artist.  Eddie first began drawing topographical features while serving in the Parachute Regiment where he was encouraged by his colleagues. Today his subjects are diverse and captivating.  His Norfolk landscapes strongly evoke the delights of our wonderful countryside. He has exhibited throughout Britain and, unsurprisingly, his work sells from Hong Kong to USA.  Eddie admires artists such as Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargent, and John Edward Millais. Other works include commissions; his largest work was an 11 meter by 3 meter mural for Swaffham Methodist church.

Liz Hadley Artist at The Gallery Studio Ringstead

Liz Hadley


Liz is a landscape artist and takes her inspiration from the environment around her. She divides her time between the Midlands and West Norfolk. Her latest work is strongly influenced by the North Norfolk Coast. Liz developed her unique style during lockdown. Her paintings are vibrant block colours in acrylic and gouache with pen outline. She describes her style as a mix of Pop Art, illustration, surrealism and graphic design.

Liz James - Spring Breeze

Liz James


Liz works in a free, expressive style to capture the atmosphere of a place, rather than geographical detail. Primarily using watercolour and acrylic she often incorporates other materials and mediums using charcoal, pastel, pencil, and sand to enhance her paintings.

The stunning Norfolk landscape and wide-open skies are the main inspiration for her artistic practice. She is fascinated by the way the weather and changing seasons mark the passage of time and affect the mood of the sea, sky and land.

Ben Kendall Artist at The Gallery Studio Ringstead

Ben Kendall


Ben Kendall is a contemporary landscape painter. He loves creating vivid, semi-abstract representations of the coast, countryside and skylines around him. His work draws on impressionist influences with a modern twist, playing with fragmented light, reflections and bold lines to create texture and depth. Ben works by building and scraping away layers of acrylic paint before using mixed media ranging from ink to charcoal and crayons to add detail and a touch of chaos. His use of colour is bold.

Albert King - Goshawk - ash with pyro-technique

Albert King


Albert has sculpted in wood and exhibited since 1959. His inspiration comes from the creatures which share our world. The wood he uses is home seasoned, some for up to 40 years. At the age of 88, Albert is still carving. His woods include cherry, lime, walnut, yew and holly. Each piece is signed with a crown and completely unique. The oldest wood Albert has carved is oak bog wood from the fens around Ely – carbon dated to approximately 2530 B.C.

Nicky Mansfield

Nicky Mansfield


Nicky is a versatile painter and craftswoman. She creates wonderful silver jewellery and felt collages.  Her coastal paintings are atmospheric and evoke the sea’s ever-changing moods.

Stephen Martyn - watercolour

Stephen Martyn


Stephen has been a professional watercolour artist and tutor for over twenty years. His first love as an artist has always been the Norfolk landscape with its big skies and wide open spaces. However, he has painted landscape, towns and cities of many locations around the world, including the USA, India and China.
For several years Stephen was chairman of the West Norfolk Artists Association and he has exhibited on a number of occasions with the Royal Watercolour Society in London.

Victoria McDonnell Artist at The Garage Studio Art Gallery

Victoria McDonnell


Victoria is a Colombian born artist, who has made Norfolk her home. Her product design background and diverse cultural experiences shape her vibrant artistic expression. Inspired by almost everything  Victoria offers glimpses of familiarity in her subjects, inviting viewers to engage playfully in her art. Working across a diverse array of subjects in oils and acrylics, she unifies them through the lens of abstraction.

David Nixon - Netted

David Nixon


David Nixon graduated from St Martin’s School of Art in 1971. His interests lie in all marine subjects whether it be boats or other marine paraphernalia. He uses a variety of media depending on the subject matter, often producing a series to develop his ideas. His awards include the Mall Gallery Sea Picture gallery award in 2015 with ` High Rise’ a work we are proud to offer for sale here.

Alan Pearl - artist

Alan Pearl


Born within the sound of Bow Bells,  Alan lives and paints in West Norfolk, in the landscape that inspires him.   He works mostly in oils, with a depth and understanding of colours that belie his short years as an artist. His first paintings were enthusiastically received and attracted the attention of artists and public alike.   We are proud to be the very first gallery showing his work.

Tracy Reeve Artist at The Gallery Studio Ringstead

Tracy Reeve


Tracy is a self taught animal artist, who works from her own studio in rural Norfolk. After early retirement from equine nursing, Tracy was able to draw from her extensive knowledge of large animals and pursued her passion for animal portraiture. She possessed a profound appreciation of the intricacies of anatomy, which greatly enhances the realism in her paintings.

She expertly captures the nuanced expressions within the eyes of animals to reveal their individual characters.
Tracy paints in two primary mediums: traditional oils and pastels and showcases her artk through commissioned work.  

Hanneke Robson - Oak Sculpture - colour photograph

Hanneke Robson


Hanneke’s career as a photographer began after one of her photos was chosen for the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine. Many exhibitions later, she has now begun to paint, both in oils and watercolour. Her subject is always nature. ‘We can click the shutter, and paint ourselves into a chaos, but we simply cannot improve on nature.’

Sally Temple - Mystical Marshes

Sally Temple IEA


Sally was born close to the North Norfolk coast and has spent her life walking its length and absorbing its wild beauty. For the past 30 years Sally has painted professionally in oils, and, unusually, she paints every stroke with her fingers.  The exquisite result is there for all to see.

Hanse House - Izzy Wingham

Isabelle Wingham


Izzy is a Norfolk artist who creates with colour pencil, graphite and pastel that which most intrigues and interests her. From complex drawings of Norfolk’s historic towns and harbours, to the simpler shapes of seals at play on Blakeney Point, there is much to be admired in her work. Izzy reached the quarter-finals of SkyArts Landscape Competition in 2019. She is currently working on a self-initiated project to illustrate a book about Kings Lynn.

Les Bunyan - Snettisham Knots - print on paper

Les Bunyan - Exclusive outlet for Aluminium prints

Wild Life Photographer

Les Bunyan is one of Norfolk’s top bird photographers. His knot photo has been seen on Autumn Watch and has graced magazines. Now we have, for exclusive sale, this wonderful print on Aluminium with UV protection for hanging outdoors. Sold with hanging frame. Size 1 Meter by 75cm. Once seen….


We also have a lovely selection of handmade soaps, pottery and silver jewellery from various local artists.


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