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Supporting Peddars Meadow and Acre per Village Project
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Hanneke Robson opens her gallery August 2020.
The Garage Studio is open:
Winter: Thursday to Sunday: 12pm – 4pm
Summer: Thursday to Sunday: 1pm – 5pm
Outside these times, do contact us to arrange your visit.
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The Garage Studio Art Gallery

Two years ago my husband Derek and I settled in the village of Great Ringstead in West Norfolk after 10 years of continuous travel through the British countryside.  During these years we camped on farms, spoke to farmers and looked out of the window of our motor-home.  It became horribly apparent – even to two ex-townies – that British wildlife was teetering on the brink of collapse.

We felt the urgent need to act and living in a village found a simple and constructive way. In spring 2020 we rented ½ acre of land beside the ancient trail of Peddars Way from the local landowner with permission to de-cultivate, and if necessary reseed with native flora for our declining pollinators.

To pay for this venture, we converted our garage into an art gallery and secured the support and the work of some of Norfolk’s most respected artists.

With like-minded villagers the ‘Peddars Meadow’ group was formed; a small group, but critical to the success of the project. For the cherry on the cake, or berries on the bush as it were, our local farmer lent his support to plough, till, seed and mow when needed.

The Garage Studio opened quietly in August 2020. The art we choose is closely linked to the environment; from paintings to sculpture, pottery and crafts.

Gallery commission goes in full to the creation of Peddars Meadow and the Acre per Village Initiative.

For further reading about our project please visit our about us.

The Artists

Bee by Kerry Farr

The Garage Studio owes its existence to the wonderful support of our artists. They believe in our project.  We hope you enjoy their work.

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would have four years left to live.”

Maurice Maeterlinck

inside the studio
One of the gallery’s three rooms.

The Peddars Meadow Project

Peddars Meadow