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Supporting Peddars Meadow and Acre per Village Project
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Hanneke Robson opens her gallery August 2020.
Open: 11am – 5pm Thursday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays.
Sunday opening times may vary.
Outside these times, do contact us to arrange your visit.

The Garage Studio Art Gallery

The Garage Studio Art Gallery is located in the village of Great Ringstead close to the fabulous coast of North West Norfolk.

The gallery was born from two ideas coming together: art and the environment. The converted garage of our home became the space, and when we acquired the works of some of Norfolk’s most talented artists, we became a gallery.

The environmental part of our plan was to de-cultivate an acre of land and restore it for our declining pollinators. This we achieved concurrently with setting up the gallery. We now hope to encourage villagers throughout the land to do the same: The `Acre per Village’ Initiative.

You can read an extended version of our exploits here and if you find yourself in this magnificent corner of England, do come and see us!

Gallery commission goes in full to Peddars Meadow and the `Acre per Village Initiative.’ Thank you! Hanneke Robson. x

The Artists

Bee by Hanneke Robson

The Garage Studio Art Gallery owes its existence to the wonderful support of our artists. They believe in our project.  We hope you enjoy their work.

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would have four years left to live.”

Maurice Maeterlinck

Inside The Garage Studio Art Gallery Ringstead
One of the gallery’s three rooms.

The Peddars Meadow Project

Peddars Meadow